Government Asks Kenyans To Post Locusts on Social Media, Didn’t Go as Planned

desert locusts kenya

We have seen locust invasion in the news and the better story is how the government is handling them. We saw reports of the government allegedly dispersing locusts in North Eastern a week ago and now they have moved on to Meru.

A swarm of locusts can cause a lot of damage to a plantation of crops and farmers can make huge losses from their rabid fest. This is why governments are usually quick to disperse them so that they can make minimal destruction to people’s crops.

Today, the Kenyan government announced an odd strategy to deal with desert locusts and it was announced by the Cabinet Secretary for Agriculture, Mwangi Kiunjuri.

Of course this did not go according to plan and Kenyans started posting the exact opposites.

Could these be?

It gets even weirder

The roach spokesperson will like to have a word with you



*Trump’s voice* Fake News!

Finally something that looks believable

This is clearly a locust. No need for confirmation

The Marvel Cinematic Universe will like a word with you

It could be this

Or maybe this one


Aww look at the floof…I mean locust

I did not see this coming


And of course someone had to do this. PhotoShop never wins

This is the only viable reply so far