Mediatek Unveils Two New Midrange Processors Aimed for “Gaming”

They are starkly similar


Mediatek is known for their budget system on a chip packages but they also have a couple of mid range ones like the one on the Oppo Reno 2F.

Today they have announced two new chips that are geared for the mid-tier smartphone market.

The Helio G70 and the Helio G80 are the chips in question and according to Mediaek, these are “optimized for gaming” which shows their intent for these chips.

They borth sport 8 core processor designs on the 12nm node. There are two ‘big’ A75 cores clocked at 2Ghz and six A55 ‘small’ CPUs running at 1.8Ghz with the G80. The G70 has its six A55 cores running at 1.7 Ghz. Both SoC’s have the Mali G52 GPU where it runs at 820 Mhz on the G70 and 950Mhz on the G80. The chips can support RAM upto 8GB and the eMMC 5.1 storage type.

The G70 and G80 support high resolution cameras. They can either support a single 25MP camera at 30fps or dual 16MP cameras at 30fps or a single 48MP camera running at 17fps.

Mediatek also says that the ISP is capable of object recognition in Google Lens, Smart Photo Album, scene detection, scene segmentation, portrait mode and facial recognition.

The company is also hyping its “HyperEngine” feature which promises intelligent dynamic switching between Wi-Fi and LTE and improved resource management.

The chips also support voice on wakeup, hardware level electronic image stabilization and rolling shutter compensation which are nothing new to flagships but good for mid range chips.

These chips are destined for India soon which has an exploding smartphone market so we should see phones with these chips in 2020.