Glovo Implements Measures To Mitigate Against Coronavirus in Kenya

glovo measures during covid-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected various aspects of the economy and one of them is the restaurant and delivery industry. This involves a lot of human to human contact and they have been forced to change their workflow thanks to the pandemic.

Glovo, the Spanish on-demand courier service, has decided to implement some measures with the aim of avoiding as much as reasonably possible, the transmission of the virus between, distributors, users, partners, and employees.

These include adhering to the directives issued by the government, communicating to all about advice and guidance from the World Health Organization and supporting the collection and delivery of basic necessities like food and over the counter pharmacy products. Glovo also has implemented specific measures for users, distributors, partners, and riders.

For users, they’ve implemented such measures as signatureless delivery, no contact delivery drop-offs and recommending digital payment.

For riders, they’ve implemented measures like a 24/7 communication channel for issues related to the disease, regular communication of the hygienic protocol and handling of products, contactless delivery, temperature checks and recommendations for the sanitizing of delivery bags.

For their partners and employees, Glovo has implemented measures like hygiene updates to staff, users and partners regarding best practices and WHO updates and observing the WHO hygiene recommendations.

In addition to the hygiene measures they’ve implemented for their network, Glovo is also engaging with the government on other measures. The company says that its external legal counsel has commenced engagement with the National Treasury to consider various proposals that will cushion businesses and individuals from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.