Xiaomi Reportedly Working on Their Own Version of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Galaxy Z Flip

Galaxy Z Flip‘Tis the year for foldable smartphones in all kind of designs. Take that everyone who said we’ve reached smartphone innovation plateau. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip was recently launched alongside the Motorola Razr that features clamshell design.

Now Xiaomi wants to hop on the foldable bandwagon.

Xiaomi is opting to use Samsung’s Displays to get that clamshell-type flexible OLED display similar to the South Korean’s Z Flip. These displays are of higher quality than those sourced for the Motorola Razr.  Chinese display makers BOE and CSOT supply displays to Motorola.

Looks like this foldable might launch later this year or early next year depending on how the Coronavirus pandemic goes. Xiaomi has scheduled mass production of the device to begin in the second half of this year.

Price-wise, expect a premium tag but also expect flagship-tier specifications.

According to LetGoDigital and TigerMobiles, here’s how the device is set to look like as seen in these patent fillings.

Here’s a concept version by WindowsUnited and Waqar Khan.

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