Video Conferencing Rivalry Sees Google Meet Go Live for Everybody, Even on Gmail


MeetGoogle Meet is a video meeting solution that has been limited to businesses for a while now. However, the pandemic has forced people to work from home, and even school-going people are attending classes using online tools.

COVID-19 has also made us know the utility aspect of these video conferencing apps, including Meet, that we took for granted for so long.

Meet works like any other app in its space, but that is not the news here. The big news is that it has since been made free.

The second big news is that it was introduced in the Gmail interface for business accounts a couple of days ago. The development means that interested parties can launch meetings on the go without fiddling with settings and other requirements.

Now, the Meet is rolling out to all Gmail users, so anyone can hop right in and stage a meeting with business associates, friends, or tutors.

Google MeetWe all can understand why this is the case. Zoom, the SI unit of conferencing apps is free, easy to use, and gained the trust of millions of users. Zoom is not a big name in the technology business, and not to miss a bite on the pie, other corporations started introducing and adjusting their solutions.

Facebook has a similar product, and Google is here now with Meet, but for the masses.

Heck, Facebook’s WhatsApp can now take up to eight people during a video call.

This form of competition is a huge benefit to customers who now have access to a wide range of video conferencing tools, and we hope this rivalry never stops.