OPPO Reveals Fast 125W Wired Charging That Charges to 41% in 5 Minutes

oppo 125w charger


OPPO has today unveiled their fast charging tech which they teased a while ago and it is as impressive as it sounds.

Starting off with the 125W charger, OPPO says this has evolved from their SuperVOOC design. It supports a charging scheme of 20V at 6.25 amps so as to not increase the size of the charger.

The crazy bit is how fast it can charge a phone. According to OPPO, it can charge a 4000mAh battery to 41% in 5 minutes which is ridiculous by any measure. The rate drops significantly afterward and ends up fully charging the same battery in 20 minutes.

This tech involves pumping an awful amount of current into the battery and OPPO says they have a lot of safety protection features into it. It has 10 additional temperature sensors to monitor the charging and ensure maximum safety. It also uses “fuse overvoltage protection measures”, Type C to Type C wire as well as 128bit encryption to enhance its safety.

The 125 wired charger was the star of the show but there is also a great contender for the seat. OPPO also detailed their 65W “AirVOOC wireless flash charge” which has to be the fastest wireless charger so far. This can apparently fully charge a 4000mAh battery in 30 minutes, which is incredible. It uses the Qi standard and uses what OPPO says its an isolated charge pump and parallel dual coil design to increase its efficiency.

OPPO also announced a bunch of “mini SuperVOOC” chargers which are quite interesting. There is a 50W mini charger that can apparently charge phones and laptops. They also have a 110W ‘mini’ flash charger which is the same size as a normal 18W charger, which is quite amazing actually.

OPPO did not specify what kind of phones will ship with these fast charging technologies but you can bet they will be coming to future OPPO phones (or maybe even the next OnePlus phone).

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