5 Compelling Benefits Of Custom Elearning Content


As more and more professionals continue working from home, many are investing their free time in developing new skills. With the internet abuzz with motivational quotes and articles describing productive ways to spend this time of isolation, there is no dearth of willingness to learn new skills or sharpen existing ones among working professionals.

The great thing is, even corporate entities realise that the current time presents a perfect opportunity to train employees. This is especially true for businesses that aren’t able to operate or are operating at partial capacity because of the current situation. Such businesses have a unique opportunity to train their employees without having to carve out the training hours from their paid working hours.

In order to make the most of this time, many businesses are rushing to deploy an elearning training program as quickly as possible. Thankfully, there are plenty of elearning tools that enable learning administrators and businesses to do that.

However, one thing that cannot be rushed (relatively) is training content development. It is time consuming and in many cases, an expensive process.

To avoid this deterrent, many businesses opt for off-the-shelf training content.

While off-the-shelf content is surely a cheaper and convenient alternative, quickly deploying training content that is moderately effective will not allow you or your business to reap the full benefits of employee training.

If that doesn’t convince you to think long term and invest in custom training content, the following benefits you can derive from custom elearning solutions definitely would:

Tailored Content, In More Ways Than One

While it is obvious that investing in custom training content will get you content that is tailored to your needs, there is one customisation that many often forget about.

Your custom elearning solution will help you create training content that is designed to address the skill gaps in your organisation and help you meet your business goals. However, the customisation can be taken a step further by making sure your training content is also designed to suit the unique learning styles and needs of your employees.

In other words, when you get custom training content, you get content that is geared towards helping your organisation and your employees succeed.

Pay Once, Use Forever

Many businesses are hesitant about investing in bespoke training content because of the high upfront cost associated with it. However, many don’t realise that it is a one time cost.

On the contrary, off-the-shelf training content usually comes with a recurring charge in the form of licensing fee or royalty.

Because of this, bespoke training content actually turns out to be the more economical choice in the longer run.

Easy Updates

The business landscape is continuously undergoing evolution. Hence, it is important that corporate training keeps up with the frequently occurring changes.

However, when you use off-the-shelf training content, your business is dependent on your content vendor to update their course content. If they don’t do it, you will have to find an alternative.

In comparison, you have complete control of your custom training content and can have it updated whenever it becomes necessary.

Sure, sometimes updating the training content will be a little time consuming but it will still be less of a hassle than completely replacing your existing training content.


As you can see, the benefits of bespoke training content are too significant to be ignored. Off-the-shelf training content is great for one off or temporary training needs but does not offer a sustainable solution to long term employee training goals.

Have you used bespoke training content to train your employees? How was your experience? Share with us in the comment section!