Xiaomi Announces the $7,000 Mi Lux Transparent OLED TV

It is only 1080p though...

xiaomi mi lux

Xiaomi also announced another interesting product after the Mi 10 Ultra  and it was quite the surprise. The Xiaomi Mi Lux is a transparent TV that has definitely picked my interest.

The Mi Lux sports a 55 inch transparent OLED that Xiaomi says is 5.7 mm thin, typical of OLED displays. They also say that the OLED display runs at 120Hz, which is surprisingly uncommon. This means that it will be great for gaming at high frame rates.

Xiaomi claims that the TV has a 150,000:1 contrast ratio and rich blacks that are typical of OLEDs. The screen is a 10 bit panel that supports 93% of the DCI-P3 color gamut. The disappointing thing is that it is only a 1080p panel at a time when 4K panels are all the rage.

The display on this Xiaomi TV is strikingly similar to the LG 55EW5F-A that is sold for $18,750. It matches the specifications quite well and it could be the same exact panel Xiaomi is using on this TV. However, Xiaomi says they have become the world’s first mass mass producer of transparent OLED Tvs

The TV is also powered by the MediaTek 9650 custom made TV chip. The TV also has 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage.

Other specs of the Xiaomi Mi Lux

Other key specs include 3 HDMI ports, one AV port, 1 analog signal port, one ethernet port, 1 fiber port and 2 USB ports. Its standby time consumes 5W of power and its normal power consumption is 190W. It also features Dolby Atmos support which can improve the theatrical experience greatly, with supported hardware. All the processing units are at the base, which makes the TV appear quite thing.

It runs on the MIUI TV operating system with various built in apps that Xiaomi has made for their ecosystem.

This TV follows Xiaomi’s announcement of a 65 inch OLED TV last month that was also in the ‘Lux’ range of TVs.

Xiaomi says that the Mi Lux transparent TV will cost RMB 49,999, which is around $7,200 or Kshs 780,000. This is clearly meant for those people that want to brag that they have a cool TV with a transparent screen and it will serve that target market quite well.