Transsion Computing Photography System Standard Approved by ITU



Transsion Holdings announced their successful submission of “computing photography system which is a huge milestone for them. Transsion Holdings owns brands like TECNO and Infinix which are popular in markets like Kenya.

They submitted the Mobile Device Computing Photography System Reference Architecture that was approved by the International Telecommunication Union. This marked the official launch of the standardization of computing photography for the company.

Computation photography has become popular thanks to the emergence of the original Google Pixel.  “TECNO is in a great position to be the pioneers in this field by establishing the research framework and further its R&D investment for its continued development in camera leadership to distinguish itself from the market,” the company said.

Smartphone photography is limited by several things. This includes single lenses, hardware size and imaging modules. The  industry turned to computational photography to take stunning photos that rival traditional cameras.

Transsion says with this milestone, we should expect TECNO to put an emphasis on photography effects on their CAMON line of smartphones.

One example is TECNO’s AI Vision Optimization Solution (TAIVOS) that we saw with the Camon 15 last year.

Furthermore, Transsion revealed more information about the capabilities of the upcoming Camon 16 series. They say that TAIVOS in the Camon 16 will have “professional and perfect” portrait mode for consumers which we will have to wait and see.

Transsion is taking AI seriously

It is no surprise that Transsion is taking AI seriously. They launched their phones with AICam features last year that had inbuilt scene recognition. Furthermore, they also won a contest that identify dark complexions using AI. In addition, the Camon 16 is not too far away so we will see what they are cooking with that device.


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