The Best “I Hope This Email Finds You Well” Tweets


Pre-pandemic and now during the pandemic has no email found you well. We’re in a weird place especially with everything happening around us right now and each month getting worse than the last. People on Twitter are hopeful that September will be a relatively better month.

The “I hope this email finds you well” is a surface level greeting and emails still being important in our everyday personal and professional lives – it’s imperative we come up with better greetings and sendoff such as “hope you’re well under the circumstances”, or “I hope this email finds you well in what is surely a record-breaking year of international misery …”, “Best wishes for the end times,” and, “Forever screaming externally into the dark void that is life now.”

People on Twitter have also been sharing memes of how the email found them and I’m here for all of it. Here are some of the best:

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