Leaked Xbox Series S Commercial Reveal Killer Specifications

Xbox Series S specs

Xbox Series S specs


Microsoft revealed the much leaked Xbox Series S today and they promised a lot of features for $299. Despite the price reveal, they never revealed the specs.

Well that has changed as there is a leaked Xbox Series S commercial that has revealed its saucy specifications.

According to the commercial, the Xbox Series S is a damn good console for the $299 price tag. It will let you game at 1440p upto 120fps, has raytracing support and has 4K upscaling for games. It will also have 512GB of storage although they didn’t specifify if it is PCIe Gen 4 storage that the Series X has. The commercial also reveals that the Series S is 60% smaller than the Series X which is nuts since the latter is not that big.

The Series S might not play games in 4K 120fps like its big brother but 1440p is still plenty for most out there. The fact that it still features raytracing and 4K streaming still makes it a great media box for many. However, there is the issue of the 512GB storage. Nowadays, games are almost 200GB in size and that will become filled up quickly. They also confirm its all digital nature which makes sense since the industry is going in that direction.

The Xbox Series S might be the sleeper hit for Mcirosoft as they engage in a price war with Sony. For $300, it might sway people to get it as a second console or even their main console. The ad says it will arrive in November (just like the Series X) and Windows Central says it will arrive on 10th November. alongside the X.

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