Apple Offers Solutions to iOS 14 Battery Drain Issues

iOS 14

iOS 14 started seeding to iOS devices last month and as always, there were a number of issues with it. iPhone users complained of overheating and battery drain issues after updating to iOS 14 which was unfortunate.

Well, Apple is clearly aware of these issues and is offering solutions to them. In a recently updated support article, Apple acknowledged the battery drain issue on iPhones due to iOS 14 and they have given solutions to fix it.

Apple also recognized that iOS 14 and WatchOS 7 have a number of other issues too. This include workout route maps missing, Health apps failing to work, health apps failing to report accurate amount of storage on your iPhone or Watch and environmental sound levels missing from Health app.

The process requires you to do a system reset and Apple details the process you need to do to perform that.

First, Apple recommends you need to verify your iCloud settings. Before creating a backup, the company says you need to make sure you have iCloud storage. They also recommend you to unpair your Apple Watch from your iPhone to fix the Apple Watch issues with WatchOS 7.

However, if those don’t work, Apple recommends erasing all content from your iPhone. This will require that you have backup on your iCloud so as to prevent data loss. After reset, they also recommend restoring your iPhone and Apple Watch from your iCloud backup.

These recommendations are pretty basic for dealing with issues from a new OS. As a matter of principle, you should always backup and do a system reset after a major update and Apple has affirmed this with their FAQ article.