iPhone Users Complain of Overheating After Upgrading to iOS 14

iOS 14 overheating

iOS upgrades are usually messy thanks to the numerous bugs and iOS 14 has the same issues. Apple rolled out the new iOS 14 globally last week and people are having major issues, especially overheating issues.

iPhone users have been complaining for the past few days on Twitter of overheating issues brought by the iOS 14 update. This issue seems to be affecting a large range of iPhones from the oldest (iPhone 6S) to the newest iPhone 11. They are also complaining about battery drain issues which they never had before.

The interesting bit is someone here with an iPhone X claims that they were on the iOS 14 public beta since day one and after getting the wide release, it started overheating

Been using iPhone X for 2 years and have been on iOS 14 Public Beta since day 1.
But now on iOS 14 stable, this happened for the first time ever.

This could give us an indication of a timeline when a supposed change to the iOS 14 codebase could have caused such a drastic change in iPhones.

Our smartphones can get noticeably toasty when you are doing intensive work on it or when the ambient temperature is high, which is understandably. However, when the phone gets toasty while doing basic tasks can ruin your experience greatly.

Apple is yet to comment about this problem affecting its users. As you know, it is quite difficult to downgrade iOS when you get the latest version so you will have to live with it until Apple issues a fix.


  1. Go to Settings->Battery and see which apps are consuming your battery.
    It happens that on my phone the FordPass app and the Waze app were eating the battery in the background after the upgrade to iOS 14.0 (final)

  2. Maybe heat due to phone “settling in” to the new OS version? Like scanning, re-indexing, clean/tidying, fixing, or whatever? Until resolved or explained, I’ll hold off this release.

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