Don’t Miss Out On Your Favorite Live Radio Shows and Music Anymore

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What have you missed this week? Your favorite radio talk show or streaming music? Would you love the pleasure of recording and playing it at your convenience, even when offline? The following ways are arguably the most vouched for when it comes to downloading streaming audios in various formats and even saving them in the cloud. Let’s have a look at the number of them.

Sidify Music Converter

This music converter comes as a pair, namely the Sidify music converter and the Sidify Apple music converter. They are both used by Mac and Windows users. Most users vouch for it cause the output quality and tools used are easy to navigate.

The Sidify music converter is well known for its clear and pleasant sounds for Spotify users. It can download and convert any playlist to other audio formats while maintaining clear audio quality. It also keeps the original ID3 tags after a download. It can accurately record Spotify music as WAV, AAC, MP3, and FLAC. You will automatically get the genre, artist, album, and title of the song. DO you hate it when your audios have interrupted sessions as a result of advertisements? That will be a thing of the past as it also comes with a feature that removes advertisements. The only downside is it can only record audios from Spotify.

What if you want to download songs from iTunes and Apple? Then the Sidify Apple Music Converter would come in handy. Downloads are almost the same quality as the original, and the ID3 tags also remain. Although you need iTunes installed to use it, it also supports the latest Mac/Windows OS. Sidify can convert iTunes, apple music, and M4P files to WAV, MP3, AAC, and FLAC. It also saves as local files iTunes M4B, AAX audiobooks, and M4A.

Are you a broadcaster looking to recording audio for future presentations and your storage systems are full, and you are also concerned about the systems performance and security? Then uSave.It has got you covered. You will save for future recordings and archive any past recordings in the cloud. is one favorite tool with a large number of people because you can listen to any of your recorded audios from anywhere, anytime, through any smart device or computer. Meaning you are always up to date with your favorite radio shows. As long as you have your station’s name, URL, or call letter, just login into your dashboard at your convenience and listen to your favorite shows.

Another pro that stands out if you decide to use if you are not ready to pay after the seven-day free trial is over, you can keep your account with reduced storage and features. You will also get a discount if you pay annually.

Sound Tap Streaming Audio Recorder

For Karaoke or voice-over recordings, this is the audio recorder to use. It comes equipped with a particular Kernel driver, which preserves the quality of downloads. Besides, it is also compatible with messenger systems and third-party systems used in audio conferences, business meetings, and podcasts. When using these third-party systems, make sure to configure the setup code if using VRS and change the input device. However, most users favor it because you can convert any audio to MP3 and WAV format. You can also have a skype call recorded as a podcast.

Though it has a built-in back system, most software only works with other tools that you download. Also, its interface is outdated, and basically, no audio editing options are available.

Having the above options as recording tools for audios gives listeners a chance to listen to their favorite audios at their convenience but are kept updated on any happenings in the radio shows if they didn’t have time to live stream.