Simple Tips and Tricks That Will Make You Better At Photo Editing


“Memories bring back, memories bring back you”. Sounds familiar right? Definitely. Sang by the famous pop band Maroon 5, those words were part of the anthem music enthusiasts sang in 2019 and all through 2020. The people really loved the song (which is called Memories by the way) because it embodied the importance that people have placed on their memories.

The importance of memories can of course not be overemphasized. I mean without them what then is the proof that something happened or that someone once existed in our lives? Memories give validity to the feelings we have felt and the people we have shared them with.

However, the human mind is such a fickle thing and if important memories are truly going to be preserved, a more secure system of preservation must be adopted. For millennia, we have used books, paintings, sculptures, and monuments to preserve our memories. In this generation though we have recently favored the art of using photographs to preserve our memories.

Photo Editing

Photo editing refers to all the steps and processes taken in order to modify the appearance of a photograph according to certain specifications.

A person who is skilled in the art of photo editing is known as a Photo Editor. Photo editors are in high demand in today’s world due to the importance placed on photographs. As explained earlier people treat pictures as a most preferred way of storing their memories, and they will definitely want to save them in the best light possible.

However, with millions of photo editors out there, your work needs to stand out if you are ever going to get noticed. Fortunately, there are a couple of tricks I know that can make you better at photo editing.



GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a free picture editing software. Layer masks, gradients, digital retouching, and simple ways to remove things in Gimp can help you with whatever manipulation or editing you might need to do on your picture. It also works really well with other software like Inkscape and Swatch Booker. Compare Camp gave it a review score of 93%, so you can be sure it is definitely something.

Less is more

One of the things which can make photo editing really tedious is having to apply the different presets to the various objects in a picture with the aim of balancing everything out. This can be really time and energy-consuming. Fortunately, there are several ways to remove things that can be considered unnecessary in the picture thereby making your editing process much easier.

Natural blends are cool

Blending your tones in such a way that the objects in the picture end up looking like (if not exactly like at least close to) how they actually are when viewed directly with the physical eyes in real life. This subtle but highly endearing attribute does a lot in making a picture really stand out.

Don’t stop layering

Using multiple layers while editing a picture helps in making it really unique because the skillful blend of several layers would give the picture a distinct appearance because there is no single layer that looks like the one-of-a-kind blend you have applied.

Why Are Photos Preferred?

It is easy to create

It can take several months or even years to create a book, painting, or sculpture. However, as long as you have a camera, a moment can be easily captured in its entirety in just one second.

It is easy to store

You would need to have a large room to store a hundred paintings. You would need a large warehouse to store a hundred sculptures. You would need just a tiny case, however, to store a hundred pictures. You can even store them digitally in a folder on your phone or computer.

It is easy to edit

If you make a mistake while writing a book, painting, or sculpting, it can take you several hours to correct that mistake but with pictures, you can easily take another picture or correct them with software.