Apple WWDC 2021: FaceTime Comes To Android and Windows


Apple WWDC 2021 is ongoing and with the release of iOS 15, comes a much-needed feature especially for users on Android and Windows – Facetime.

FaceTime will now be accessible on non-Apple devices including Android and Windows.

Apple has introduced FaceTime links that can be shared over the web and also be scheduled. This is a significant move for the tech giant especially now that video calls and live audio platforms are how people are connecting amid the ongoing pandemic.

The announcement didn’t specify when it was going to be live but probably when iOS 15 launches officially later this year.

FaceTime Links

Apple says that the video calls will have end-to-end encryption.

Other features FaceTime is getting include spatial audio that removes background noise for better video call, voice isloation that uses machine learning to block ambient noise.

If you want other people on your FaceTime to listen to what’s playing around you, just switch to Wide Spectrum so people can listen to the symphony playing.

We also have Grid View and Portrait mode.

One other feature consumers are going to love is SharePlay. SharePlay lets you listen to music, watch a movie, share a screen with the people you’re on FaceTime with included playback controls for platforms like Apple Music or Apple TV

Apple has partnered up with other companies including TikTok, Disney+, Hulu, HBOMax, ESPN, Twitch and MasterClass so you can enjoy what the other person is watching.

Sadly, Netflix is missing.

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