Political Parties Registered Kenyans as Members Without Their Consent


E-citizen is one of the most powerful platforms that has ever been made by the Jubilee Government. The site allows locals to access government services from the comfort of their devices, be it passport application or booking a seat at Huduma Centre for a service that requires your physical presence.

E-citizen is also linked to other services, such accessing registration status for, say, political parties.

According to a development noted by a Twitter user Echenze, it appears that some Kenyans are registered as members of certain political parties without their knowledge and consent via the Office of the Registrar of Political Parties. This has been established as not an isolated case as many people have accessed the site with similar results.

Named the Registrar of Political Parties, the website, which can be accessed from HERE has all the details in case you want to check your registration status for yourself.

Remember, you need to have an E-Citizen account to access the portal.

The big question is how this happened. There is no clear answer for the moment, but with the careless manner that user data is handled in Kenya, and the blatant disregard of data protection laws, it wouldn’t be surprising that some people accessed this information and recorded the names as party members, probably to sell that party’s reach.

And while that might be the case, the use of private data to wrongly record that people belong to a certain party is a new low we have seen in the recent past as the country nears a two-year mark since the Data Protection Bill 2019 was signed.


  1. How do I remove my self from the party registration. I was registered without my consent.

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