mySafaricom App Brings Back Revamped Sambaza Data and Finally, Dark Mode

MySafaricom App

mySafaricom app has released an update that has made the app better.

This major development is seeding, so you can check your Play Store and update the utility tool right away. iPhone users may have the update too, so they can as well check it out.

Now, here are some of the things that have me excited:

  1. Finally, we have a dark mode. Many of us have been waiting for this feature forever, and we are glad it is finally here. We hope the same will be done for the now launched M-PESA app.
  2. You can finally, and to some extent, Sambaza data. This is an issue that I raised many moons ago. Remember when illegal Safaricom data sales were a thing back in 2015/4? The operator decided to axe the business by cutting back on Sambaza data to a measly 10 MBs, and only twice per day.

Expanding on Point 2, the feature is named Shareable Data Balance, and this is how it works.

You can add up to six numbers to your line. Afterward, you can choose how much data each number should access from your line, ranging from 10 MBs to 1 GB.

The data is not sent to the recipient; they will just receive an SMS alerting them that they can access the allocated bundle from your line. This will allow them to browse.

If they consume the data, you will see from a tracker within the app. Once exhausted, you may choose to add them some more.

Clever, right? Or rather, it is better than the past arrangement we had.

Lastly, note that Tunukiwa, bonus, promotional or daily bundles cannot be shared.

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