HUAWEI 2021 NEXT-IMAGE Awards Are Live, Winner to Take Home KES 1 Million


For the 5th year in a row, Huawei has launched its annual smartphone photography competition, which is open to visual storytellers and budding amateur smartphone photographers.

The Huawei NEXT-IMAGE Awards has received over 2 million entries since 2017 with merchandise and cash prizes awarded up to USD 10000 (Approx. KES 1 Million).

Huawei is involving experienced judges in the field like Canadian extreme sports photographer Reuben Krabbe and Pulitzer-winning photographer and founder of the Shanghai Center of Photography, Liu Heung Shing.

“The NEXT-IMAGE Awards is amazing because it draws entries from such a broad selection of the world. It’s not a competition for professionals, it’s not a competition for China, it’s a celebration of creativity in photography from anywhere and anyone in the world,” Reuben Krabbe says.

Huawei NEXT-IMAGE Awards 2021 has 10 distinct categories and over 70 chances for anyone entrant to win. Huawei encourages users to make the most of their devices’ innovative features while telling original, compelling stories through photos and videos.

Here are the categories :


Whether it’s of yourself, of a loved one, or a model, submit your best portrait shots.


Use black and white photography to reflect the atmosphere, fun, or originality of the shot.


Show vibrant shots that are bursting with vitality, something Huawei smartphones are known for.

Thanks to the power of AI, Huawei smartphones capture incredible night scenes without the need for a flash. Get creative under cover of darkness, and make a night shot to remember.


Use your telephoto lens to home in on the important details, and show off the clarity of your zoomed-in shots.

Super Wide Angle

Use your mobile photography skills and the wide-angle lens to make viewers feel as though they’re viewing the scene with their own eyes rather than through a photograph.

Super Macro

Explore different macro photography subjects and techniques, as you show off your camera’s ability to capture tiny details up close

Story Creator

Shoot and produce a mobile-shot movie of 15 minutes or less to express your creativity and share your story through moving images


Different from the other categories that only allow a single photo to be uploaded, in this catalog, you can use a group of photos (3-9 photos) to express emotions, tell a story, record changes, or discover trends.

After the judges have made their deliberations, this is what photographers should look forward to:

  • Grand Prize: Photographer of the Year (three winners)
    $10,000 NEXT-IMAGE Creation Fund
    Electronic award certificate
  • Category Winners (27 winners)
    $1,000 NEXT-IMAGE Creation Fund
    Electronic award certificate
  • Winners (30 winners)
    Electronic award certificate
  • Student Focus Award (10 winners)
    HUAWEI P50
    $1,000 NEXT-IMAGE Creation Fund
    Electronic award certificate

The most straightforward way to enter is to submit your images directly on the competition homepage.

Alternatively, entrants can enter via HUAWEI Community, staying connected to Huawei fans around the world via the online message board.

The deadline for entries is November 30, 2021.