LG’s New ThinQ-Powered Smart Ovens Revamped With New Features for 2022

New Kitchen Duo
LG New Kitchen Duo

LG Electronics has unveiled two new smart kitchen appliances set to simplify the task of managing and maintaining the 21st century home from a cost and convenience perspective.

The two, LG InstaView Double Oven Range and Over-the-Range Microwave boast of offering shorter cooking times hence saving energy and time making it convenient for any homeowner or user. Thanks to LG’s UltraHeat Power Burner technology, ProBake convection technology, and the steam cook technology.

“By courting the latest innovations, our intention is to ensure that mealtimes are becoming less labor-intensive while simplifying cooking for not only professional chefs but also home cooks and at the same time saving our customers money on power and maintenance cost,” said LG Electronics East Africa Managing Director Sa Nyoung Kim.

Making their debut in the ongoing CES 2022 convention, the two kitchen appliances stand out as the first to offer seamless integration with the new LG ThinQ™ Recipe service.

They have since been displayed at LG’s virtual exhibition booth at CES 2022.

Accessed via the LG ThinQ app, LG ThinQ Recipe allows anyone to access easy-to-follow recipes including options from talented creators and LG Originals Series, the latter prepared by LG’s own chefs showcasing how to best use features of LG cooking appliances.

New Kitchen Duo

It also offers over 10,000 one-click shoppable recipes for the ultimate home cooking experiences, turning a single recipe or a weekly meal plan into a grocery shopping orderable directly from the app via Walmart or Amazon Fresh.

In partnership with Boston-based AI start-up Foodspace Technology, ThinQ Recipe also integrates LG’s time-saving Scan to Cook feature, for scan-and-send cooking directions for select frozen meals.

The Double Oven Range features LG InstaView technology that lets users see inside an appliance by simply knocking twice on the glass, illuminating the interior without having to open the door, and letting hot air escape.

Besides, it leverages LG’s ProBake Convection technology for quick and thorough cooking without preheating to deliver delicious, evenly-cooked meals every time. With its precise temperature and airflow control, ProBake provides shorter cooking times and is also the key ingredient in the oven’s Air Fry and Air Sous Vide modes.

Air Fry allows cooks to create delectable, crispy fried treats using far less oil than deep frying while Air Sous Vide ensures tender, juicy dishes that will keep diners wanting more.

And delicious doesn’t mean having to wait longer, thanks to LG’s UltraHeat™ Power Burner technology.

The second oven – LG Over-the-Range Microwave Oven, employs proprietary Steam Cook technology to prepare foods that are juicier, healthier, and tastier. The Slide-out ExtendaVent in this premium microwave is effective in reducing the presence of smoke and lingering odors in the kitchen.

With its EasyClean interior, the oven is a breeze to keep clean thanks to the advanced coating that prevents food and grease from sticking and allows easy clean up with only a damp cloth. 

LG’s minimalist design language is perfectly exemplified in the stainless steel and tempered glass of LG WideView Window.

Through the ThinQ app and using artificial intelligence and deep learning technology to analyze product performance data, Proactive Customer Care can send users helpful alerts and maintenance tips to keep their LG ovens running optimally year after year.

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