Netflix Jacks Up Pricing In The US, And We Hope It Doesn’t Touch Kenya Prices

Americans pay a lot for Netflix, more than what other markets are charged, although they have access to more content.

Netflix You Season 2

When it comes to streaming films and TV shows, there is no company that matches Netflix. However, it has been experiencing competition from other video on demand platforms, and that is foe good reason because people love choice, and those options make the competition better.

At the same time, the current COVID-19 pandemic is making people watch more. Some people are still working from, and some other companies have fully transitioned to remote working thanks to the virus.

On the whole, multimedia use cases have gone way up, which is why some video on demand companies lowered the resolution of content transmitted to their users so that every customer could have good access to films.

It might also explain why Netflix is increasing the price of its packages, again, but for the US market.

Americans already pay a premium compared to what Netflix charges people in other parts of the world, including Kenya.

Specifically, US customers will now pay USD 10 for the basic plan, which is a jump by one dollar.

The HD plan is now costing USD 15.49 up from USD 14, and the top tier 4K plan is now USD 20 up from USD 18.

As said, the plans are higher than what Netflix charges customers in Kenya.

After it adjusted its rates upwards, the 4K plan now costs KES 1450, which is already higher than what the competition costs, including the likes of Showmax.

Americans pay a lot for Netflix, more than what other markets are charged, although they have access to more content.

Then again, we get why people still subscribe to Netflix.

It is insanely popular locally thanks to its rich film and TV shows catalogue.

It is also easy to use and can run just fine even on a 5 Mbps connection, which is what most Kenyans use.

Netflix loves the Kenyan market so much that it even launched a free package for Kenyans in September 2021, although it is limited to what a customer has access to. You can find out more about the plan here.

We also hope that the price bump is limited to the US, and will not affect other parts of the world.

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