Things to know about Selenium automation testing


Some tasks, especially repetitive ones, involve plenty of manual interventions. However, manually performed tasks are time-consuming and prone to errors. An automation software enables you to decrease the frequency of human inputs by automating the various everyday tasks.

Before you can use automation software, you need to determine its efficacy and dependability, and software automation testing enables you to do that. However, to do that, you require an automation testing program.

Selenium automation testing is open-source software that allows you to test applications and programs across various browsers and operating systems. Developers and companies prefer using this framework for various reasons, including multi-browser support, language support, ease of accessibility, and flexibility. The best part? You don’t even have to possess expertise in multiple programming languages.

Continue reading to know its other benefits, how it works, why you should try it, and further details.

What is Selenium automation testing?

Testing software lets you identify tasks you require for automation purposes and then run them with as little human interference as possible. Testing tools are of various types, differing from each other in features, integration ability, efficiency, and benefits. They also differ in their testing applications, test format, and licenses.

Selenium automation testing software is an open-source program that allows you to test your automation software for various tasks before using it in systems for your company or organization.

‘Open-source’ refers to programs that you can use free of charge and can alter or modify from their original design effortlessly. You can use them at any stage of the testing process, including test plan development to test script execution.

Does Selenium have cloud-based testing?

Selenium is a cloud-based test automation tool that operates on cloud technology. Because it offers cloud automated testing, you can test your web applications across various browsers and platforms, giving you the much-required flexibility.

Cloud-based testing gives you the advantage of a better platform, test, and browser coverage. It saves you plenty of money compared to traditional testing and uses parallel testing to increase the speed of automation tests. You can also benefit from communication, bug tracking, and project management with other team members, regardless of their location.

Additionally, it also provides an efficient infrastructure, enabling you to conduct testing in any CI/CD pipeline. CI/CD refers to a definite series of steps you must follow to execute a newer version of your software. It consists of three parts: integration, testing, and delivery.

Which languages does Selenium support?

Most developers or programmers prefer Selenium testing because it supports various languages like C++, Java, PHP, R, Haskell, Ruby, Javascript, Python, and Perl. However, testers and engineers unanimously agree that Java is the best program for Selenium for various reasons.

For example, companies run most projects on Selenium Java, and search engines answer most problems regarding Selenium automation with the help of Java. Most of the videos, blogs, and training videos on Youtube center around Java, and interviewers base their questions on this programming language.

Benefits of Selenium automation testing

Selenium automation testing carries plenty of benefits, and here are some of them you should know about.

It is free of cost

One of the significant advantages of Selenium automation testing is that it’s free. Unlike paid ones, you won’t have to spend a penny to execute your automation tests. Since it is open-source software, you can download it quickly and launch it.

You also have the option of customizing the code for better management while enhancing the functionality of predefined functions. No other automation suite offers the same level of ease as Selenium.

Support various browsers

You can execute Selenium automation tests on various browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer. Since it has multi-browser compatibility, it saves you the hassle of writing new scripts for every browser, saving you plenty of time.

It offers a high degree of flexibility

This cloud-based automation program offers a high degree of flexibility. It provides you options like refactoring and regrouping of tests you have carried out, enabling you to reduce the chances of duplication, eliminate bugs and other functional issues, enhance maintenance and make as many alterations to a specific code as you require.

Enjoy the benefits of regular updates

Selenium runs with the help and support of an online community, which regularly comes up with updates and improvements to enhance the entire automating experience. Unlike other programs, you don’t even require training to understand them. Since you don’t need any training with updates, it also saves you a lot of costs.

Reasons to choose LambdaTest platform for Selenium testing

Selenium is a cloud-based automated testing tool that enables you to test an automation software before using it in your company. But to do that, you also require a platform that supports the software, ensures it works correctly and offers you impressive testing results. LambdaTest is one of the best Selenium testing platforms you can find, not just because it’s free of cost but also for its incredible features like speed, quick debugging, and parallel testing. Here’s why you should choose LambdaTest as your program.

  • It has a fantastic execution speed

A traditional test execution platform takes around 15 minutes to provide the necessary feedback to developers, which is time-consuming. In contrast, LambdaTest does not take more than five minutes to give the input, enabling you to get the results within the first few tries. Its test-execution cloud is 70% faster than traditional Selenium grid clouds.

  • You can perform parallel testing

Parallel testing is better than sequential testing because it allows for broader compatibility, reduces time significantly, optimizes the CI/CD process, and reduces your costs on individual tests. It also offers you the benefit of continuous integrations. LambdaTest allows you to perform parallel testing, enabling your developers to significantly increase their release cycles and decrease test execution rate by ten times.

  • Supports a wide range of systems

It is advisable to choose a platform like LambdaTest because you can run the Selenium scripts on various mobile devices and desktops on an online browser farm of 3,000 mobile and desktop browsers and offers a seamless experience, including Windows 7,8,10, 11, Lion, Yosemite, High Sierra, Sierra, Mountain Lion, Android, and iOS.

  • It has an easy debugging process

Debugging is one of the essential steps of the automated testing process, and it enables the developer to understand the code’s failures, execution sequences, and other aspects. LambdaTest platform has an easy debugging process while letting you access exception, command, network, and raw Selenium logs.

  • You receive 24×7 support

Despite being the best program, you might run into problems at some stage of your testing process. LambdaTest has a dedicated support team that will provide you with the help you require and ensure you have a hassle-free experience.

  • Zero flakiness in testing

A flaky test is a test that does not produce the same results as every test and mostly happens when the test suite and application run separately. LambdaTest has a reliable and robust infrastructure that ensures zero flakiness in testing.

  • Supports all languages on Selenium

LambdaTest platform also supports all the major programming languages and test automation frameworks. Some of the languages it supports are C++, Ruby, Pytest, JavaScript, and PHP.

Selenium automation testing is efficient, flexible, supports multiple browsers, and offers several other benefits and features while being free of cost. You can conduct software automation testing to get the results you want using a good platform.