Is Honeygain Worth It? 100% Honest Review


Let’s face it: there’s no such thing as too much money. Even if you’re at a comfortable place financially, you wouldn’t say no to an extra tenner, right? This right here is the reason why various passive income applications are so prevalent: while they won’t help you pay your mortgage or get the latest smartphone model, they can certainly help with small everyday luxuries like takeout lunch or Audible’s monthly subscription.

Honeygain is arguably one of the best-known passive income applications out there. Initially launched almost three years ago, it caters to a global audience of Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS users, offering a chance to ‘earn effortlessly’ in dollars or cryptocurrencies. Can it be legit? We’ll see: I’m about to give Honeygain a try so you can make an informed decision.

First impressions

I first heard of Honeygain from YouTube a while ago – it was introduced as a sponsor of some video, but I never looked into it or downloaded the app until now. This month, however, I saw Honeygain’s name in some headlines promoting their new partnership with JumpTask, and I thought it might be time to give it a try. After all, no one stays in the tech industry for 2+ years and starts partnerships if they’re not worth a look, right?

Honeygain’s website feels pretty reliable at first glance. While the easy-breezy design doesn’t exactly scream finance to me personally, it’s kind of a trend nowadays (think PancakeSwap, for example). The good news is, the site does provide quite a lot of information on how the app works and why it’s a good idea. It also has a pretty comprehensive blog, though it could use some categorization since the news from the company, various passive income guides, and saving tips are all in the same feed. The website also includes links to social media pages that all seem rather active, which is definitely a huge plus.

Setting up

Getting started with Honeygain literally takes minutes. You need to create an account on their website (only email and password needed), then download the app on your computer or smartphone and log in. That’s kind of it. Installers for all operating systems are available for download on the same website, and they’re not heavy on memory either (at least the Android one I tried isn’t; it also doesn’t ask for any permissions, which is nice).

You will, of course, need to provide a little more info to collect your payout, but if you choose cryptocurrencies, it’s only your wallet’s address they ask for. More info is needed for PayPal transactions should you choose those, but from what I understood, Honeygain uses a third-party partner to handle those, so you don’t enter the details to the app itself still.

The idea of Honeygain

If you’re unsure what exactly Honeygain pays you for, this is the central concept. You run the app on your computer or smartphone, and it shares your extra internet bandwidth. This bandwidth, collectively shared by millions of users worldwide, is used to operate a crowdsourced web intelligence network.

This, of course, is a powerful thing that can be used for processes like brand protection, ad verification, app testing, and so on. I’m sure you can read more about this on the website if you’re interested, as they have in-depth explanations and examples on their blog. To thank you for your input, they compensate you for the gigabytes you share – et voilà, you’ve got passive income.

Since you don’t actually do much, naturally, you don’t earn much. The standard rate was 100 Honeygain credits, or $0.1, per GB, when we tried the app in January, but we’re happy to see they have raised the rate to $0.3 this month! You can also earn 6 extra credits per hour if you’re using a computer and residing in a country where the Content Delivery feature is available. The list currently includes 41 countries, and they add new ones every few months. There’s also a daily Lucky Pot lottery that gives you some free credits once a day if you were active the day before and a referral program with percentage-based rewards.

Now since the new partnership with JumpTask happened, you can also switch to the new JumpTask mode and start earning in JumpTokens (JMPT) instead of credits. The sum you earn would essentially be the same, but they’re now offering a limited-time 50% bonus for using the mode, so it’s a great time to join. The new mode also allows you to cash out at any time, while the old one has a mandatory $20 threshold.

All in all – is Honeygain legit?

In two weeks I used Honeygain, I managed to make $11.02 (including the sign-up bonus and the limited-time bonus I mentioned for using the new mode). Nevertheless, I was only using my phone; the rules allow up to 10 devices per account, so it’s far from the limit, I guess. So yeah, it’s not much. But then again, the chicken vindaloo I got for dinner tonight was as tasty as ever, and I didn’t actively do anything to get the money for it. So.

Summing it all up, Honeygain is definitely a nice way to get some money into your pocket without adding too much work into it. I myself will keep using it – because I just don’t see why not. As I mentioned, too much money is not a thing that exists.