Nigeria Births Yet Another eCommerce Platform for Africa, Kwikstore


Online services platform Kwik announced the launch of an e-commerce store for African businesses. Named Kwikstore, the platform seeks to expand the number of services of its kind to African merchants and social vendors.

Kwik was launched back in 2018 in Nigeria. The West African state is no stranger to releasing a ton of e-commerce and logistics platforms in markets where such services are becoming commonplace.

The new service will be free for business owners. Users who will use the platform will be able to create their own digital stores fairly quickly. The company says that merchants, SMEs, and social vendor entrepreneurs, to mention a few, do not need technical knowledge to launch an online store at Kwikstore.

These business people can link their social media pages to the Kwikstore. That way, they will be able to automate sales, fulfillment, inventory management, and delivery, among other functions.

The eCommerce platform will be part of the Kwik Delivery app. Users are not required to pay any down payments. They will also not pay any service fees save for the standard payment gateway charges.

While the store requires a Kwik account, it can still be run independently of the delivery platform. This allows merchants to use the delivery solution of their choice or to sell anywhere in the continent, including regions that are not served by Kwik.


“KwikStore is a milestone in establishing Kwik as the one-stop shop for African merchants to run and grow their business from their smartphone,” declared Romain POIROT-LELLIG, Founder & CEO of Kwik. “We will continue to expand our offer of innovative digital services focused on enabling African merchants to grow their business with all the benefits that technology brings.”

“We are very proud to have developed KwikStore in Nigeria with our growing software development team” declares Olivier DECROCK, Co-founder & CTO of Kwik. “Kwik is strongly committed to building its development capacity in the country.”

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