KCB Bank’s New Promotion Will Offer Customers, Merchants Up to KES 10K in Cash Rewards


Lender KCB Bank has launched a loyalty rewards campaign that will see it appreciate its customers, merchants, and agents.

The campaign is named Simba Rewards and will target customers and partners who perform the highest number and value of transactions through mobile transfer, mobile wallet product Vooma, and bank agents.

It will also reward card transactions, groups that secure loans, or those who have recorded the highest number of deposits.

All these groups will be rewarded with cash rewards.  

Qualifying transactions include sending money, receiving money from businesses and customers, and transfers from a financial institution to KCB Bank mobile wallets and accounts.

Via the target groups, the lender, which has since announced plans to enter the lucrative DRC market, aims to incentivize its customers who interact with different KCB banking channels.

They will in turn get up to KES 10,000 in cash rewards per customer depending on the transaction category.

The initiative has been spearheaded by the bank and looks forward to supporting its customers in their journey to utilizing the non-branch banking channels currently available and offering more personalized unique value propositions. 

KCB Bank Director of Retail Banking, Annastacia Kimtai said: “This is to appreciate and recognize our customers for doing business with us. Our goal is to strengthen our partnerships and relationships.”

KCB is one of the many local banks that has diversified its products to focus on the internet- and mobile-based services. It has also partnered with others, including telco Safaricom to offer services such as Fuliza and KCB M-PESA, both of which have loan services.

Vooma, which was launched some time back, also offers loans to customers, although it is more of a mobile money product that allows customers to move cash from one wallet to another and make payments at merchant outlets.


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