LG Kenya Discounts KES 900K OLED TV By More Than a Third


LG is known for its amazing home entertainment products (mainly TVs), among others such as refrigerators and washing machines. Its OLED televisions are among the most impressive in terms of feature sets and amazing colour reproduction. However, the company has since dropped out of the mobile market after years of losses. Admittedly, the company made some class-leading and innovative smartphones, but their lack of sales as a result of poor marketing, and its home rival Samsung Galaxy devices’ upper hand simply made it hard for LG phones to compete.

LG is available in Kenya, but it sells the said home entertainment products. Today, the company has announced that customers who wish to buy some of these products can get up to 37 percent discount. Among the devices available on offer are refrigerators, washing machines, and televisions. 

The discount, as said, is for Kenyan buyers, and it will be available for the better part of the month. It will however close on October 2. All purchases for this offer should be done for the LG Brand Shop.


  1. Customers who buy refrigerators that are currently retailing at KES 413,996 will enjoy 50,000 shillings off (12 percent)
  2. Those who will buy washing machines currently retailing at KES 152,995 will have 18,000 shillings off (12 percent)
  3. For the washing machines currently retailing at KES 234,995 customers will have 23,500 shillings off.
  4. The greatest discount from LG Electronics is for those who will purchase the LG OLED TV currently retailing at KES 922,995 for they will enjoy a discount of 343,00 shillings (37 percent).

LG OLED Evo Gallery Edition TV

LG has since announced the world’s largest OLED TV, named the LG OLED Evo Gallery Edition TV, model 97G2. As its model name suggests, it is a giant 97” TV. The South Korean tech corporation says that the device will be available for purchase across different markets in the world very soon. We don’t want to guess the price because we know it will be damn expensive, which makes it a reserve for the ultra-rich who have oil wells in their compounds.

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  1. I don’t know much about the other products but the linked TV(LG OLED 65G1)was being sold by them(LG Brandshop Kenya) at an already exorbitant 810K last year. The 37% discount for the ridiculous 920K seems like a silly attempt at getting rid of an “old” product. Anyway, according to rtings and others, the C2 is slightly better than the G1. Last I checked, Hotpoint Kenya had the 65C2 for 400K. It’s displayed as OLED65CS6LA but should probably be OLED65C26LA. I’d rather support Hotpoint if I was hellbent(unintended pun?) on getting a 65inch LG WOLED TV with LG’s local warranty. LG Brandshop Kenya has questionable pricing patterns.

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