Second-hand Phone Commerce Startup, Badili Gets KES 230M in Preseed Funds

iPhone 14 Pro models

Second-hand phone commerce platform, Badili has raised Kshs. 230 million in preseed funding in a bid to increase its operations in Africa.

The startup handles trade-ins and buybacks on behalf of major OEMs and other phone dealers with one of its major deals being a partnership with Samsung.

Most buyers of second-hand phones are usually in search of cheaper phones. This has been key to Badili’s success as most of the devices they sell cost less than their original prices.

Badili buys the phones through its platform and through other shops and agents across the country.

The phones are then revamped, repackaged, and sold with one year warranty.

In order to avoid cases with the law, Badili takes the details of those they buy from and includes their pictures, a signed affidavit stating that they are indeed the owners, and lastly their ID.

Badili aims to explore the West African market where it will meet the increase in demand for second-hand smartphones as it continues its current operations in the East African market.

Rishabh Lawania, Badili CEO noted that the startup is launching soon in Uganda and Tanzania and has established partnerships with original equipment manufacturers.

“Within the next six months, we will be expanding to a few West African markets to get our foot in the door of some of the major markets in Africa,” said Rishabh.

Badili will come in handy after the rise in cases of secondhand buyers getting arrested for buying stolen phones. Lawania was inspired to create Badili after one of his ex-employees got arrested for buying a stolen phone.

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