How Kenyans can Sign up for Free Course in American University Announced by President Ruto

Courtesy: @StateHouseKenya

Thunderbird, in partnership with Innovation Jamhuri by the Kenyan Government, has revealed that its 100 Million Learners Bootcamp on Global Entrepreneurship & Innovation boot camp is now taking in new students.

The classes have been made to focus on global dynamics in an era of disruption and rapid change. Its curriculum features eighteen themes key to global entrepreneurial success in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 

This program is key because it was announced by President William Ruto during the celebration of 2022’s Jamhuri Day. The President had mentioned earlier that everyone present at Nyayo Stadium would get a free scholarship for the program, which is also supported by Arizona State University.

According to the President, a 16-unit course that would have cost KES 100,000, is now accessible to Kenyans for free, courtesy of the Innovation Jamhuri.

“As promised, everyone present in this stadium today will get a free scholarship on global entrepreneurship and innovation from the Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University. It is now time to keep the promise,” said President Ruto.

The interactive program offers new dimensions in online management education tailored for maximum flexibility, empowering entrepreneurial leaders and innovators with templates for starting new global businesses and non-profits, and proven 21st Century strategies for creating value through innovation in existing enterprises across the private, nonprofit, and public sectors.

The 100 Million Learners Bootcamp on Global Entrepreneurship & Innovation can be taken by any learner at no cost, thanks to the generous philanthropic gift from the Najafi Global Initiative.

The Bootcamp is appropriate for learners from all educational levels. It is the entry-level program of the 100 Million Learners Global Initiative.

Some of the courses offered by the program include details about the 4th Industrial Revolution, Organizational Readiness for Scaling and Expansion, Creating a Business Culture for Growth, Social Entrepreneurship, and Intellectual Property in Business.

Interested learners can sign up using this link. Those who have signed up before can continue their classes using the same link.

Alternatively, you can scan the QR code below to access program details.