TECNO Reportedly Prepping its First Foldable Device, the Phantom V Fold


Foldable devices are a thing now. These bending devices are becoming more commonplace, and we can thank Samsung for this, having started making the Fold and Flip series mainstream for more than three years now.

Others have also joined this race. OPPO, Xiaomi, vivo, and Huawei have commercial foldable devices, which have become successful in their own right. This growth also means that others will take the same path in order to appeal to their customers.

Now, we have also learned that TECNO is prepping a foldable in the name of Phantom V Fold. The device, which has reportedly received Bluetooth certification, looks like the Fold from Samsung, with a big, almost tablet-sized display on the inner part, and a normal display on the outside when it is fully folded.

If the smartphone actually exists, then it will be the first foldable phone from TECNO. It is also expected to cost less than the competition. This will be great considering foldable devices aren’t exactly cheap. For instance, the Fold 4 by Samsung can cost up to KES 260K, which is a lot of money.

TECNO has been attempting to enter the premium market over the last couple of years. The space is mainly reserved for the likes of Apple and Samsung, but TECNO appears to think it can fit in just right.

It started out as a company for budget customers and had success in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. In the last couple of months, the company has been splashing big budgets to appeal to even more customers and teams up with leading American YouTubers for the same purpose.

The other day, the company announced the Phantom X2 and X2 Pro, which are expected to cost up to KES 100K when they launch in Kenya in 2023. This is a premium space, of course, and the Phantom V Fold will fit in just fine.

We expect to get more information about the device in the coming days.

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