TECNO Debuts Chameleon Colouring Tech with Cool Colour-Changing Capabilities


Chinese phone maker TECNO isn’t new to making some dazzling phones: remember the Spark 9 Pro Sports Edition? We loved the device because it looked awesome and unique in a sea of smartphones that mostly look the same. The company has since launched the Phantom X2 series, which has been lauded for its camera performance and fits the bill because of its huge and interesting camera island that we haven’t seen anywhere else.

The company is also present at this year’s Mobile World Congress show in Spain. To be specific, it has made a stylish entrance at its first MWC by unveiling its latest innovation, the Chameleon Colouring Technology.

This tech can create numerous colour combinations with just a simple press of a button when incorporated into the back of a smartphone or other devices.

The Chameleon Colouring Technology is an advanced prism-based colouring technology that can produce a full spectrum of colours through the use of sub-micron prism materials arranged in a grid.

These materials change direction when an electric field is applied, allowing for precise control of the prism’s orientation and the resulting scattering of light in different wavelengths. This creates a stunning iridescent effect, producing a wide variety of colours.

However, the material doesn’t function as a display and doesn’t emit light on its own. Its primary function is to scatter light off its surface, resulting in a colouration effect.

The sub-micron prism arrangement can be adjusted using the device’s software.

Users have the option to manually select from a wide range of 1600 different colours or set the device to automatically adjust based on factors like battery life, music, or notifications.

The technology is durable and can handle up to 2 million adjustments, even with frequent changes throughout the day.

TECNO has previously introduced colour-changing backs, such as the TECNO Camon 19 Pro Mondrian Edition launched last year. This version utilized polychromatic photoisomer technology that changes colours when exposed to UV radiation from sunlight.

We are not sure which device will feature this tech, but that is something we will be able to find out in the following weeks or months.