Safaricom 5G Expands to Kinoo 87

Safaricom 5G
Safaricom 5G

Safaricom remains unmatched when it comes to rolling out new technologies for the benefit of its tens of millions of customers. It was the first telco to launch 4G services back in 2014, which it has since expanded to more than 97 per cent coverage across the country.

In 2021, it launched 5G services, albeit on a test basis in select parts of Kenya. Over the years, it has ramped up expansion, and by now, thousands of people, perhaps more, can now access 5G if they have a capable device, and are in a served area.

At first, the service was available in parts of Nairobi such as near Safaricom House, Yaya Centre, and Two Rivers in Ruaka. This has since expanded to more than 200 locations, which we learned the other day when the carrier announced 5G experience centres.

Now, customers in Mirema in Roysambu can have access to the service, which is quite speedier than 4G. You can find out more details about the Mirema availability here.

We have also noted that 5G signals are available in Kinoo. Particularly, customers can access it from Kinoo Mama Ngina, all the way to Kinoo 87 and Copa (before Uthiru). The signal then disappears and reappears at Westlands near Safaricom House.

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These developments are great, and we are certain that 5G towers will be erected in more areas within the metropolitan area in the coming months.

Remember, Safaricom now offers 5G-specific bundles, which start at KES 1000 for 15 GB valid for 30 days. The bundles can be used normally even if you are out of range because they connect just fine on 4G and 3G networks. You must have a 5G-capable phone, and be connected to the service to buy 5G bundles. More details can be read here.

Safaricom also offers 5G Wi-Fi services. This is the same as 4G Wi-Fi that it offers in other parts of the country. Ideally, you can get a 5G connection in your house via a KES 25K router. The product targets customers who do not have access to Home Fibre. More details can be read here.

If you need a 5G device, you have a ton of options, from high-end devices to low-cost ones. Nokia has also since launched the G60 5G, which is sold at Safaricom for KES 53K.