Differences Between Safaricom Home Fibre, 4G Wi-Fi and 5G Wi-Fi


Safaricom offers a lot of internet products. It keeps churning out new ones for its customers, and in late 2022, it launched 5G services alongside 5G Wi-Fi. This adds to 4G Wi-Fi that has been around for some time now. There is also Home Fibre, but what’s the difference between them?

Home Fibre

Home Fibre is the most popular of the three. It offers fixed wireless internet to Safaricom customers who are within Fibre covered zones (check here for coverage). It is also a home product, meaning it serves ordinary people in their homes, and not businesses (although there is Fibre for business). It has garnered 373k household connections so far (as of December 2022).

To connect, just call Safaricom customer care, and they will fix everything for you (call 400). They will come and do the installation for free. You will also get a router for free.

However, if you lose the router (like leaving it behind when you move), then you will need to pay 6500 for a new one.

Pricing starts from KES 3000 for an 8 Mbps connection and goes all the way to KES 12,500 for 100 Mbps.

PackageSpeeds (Mbps)PriceFair usage limitSpeeds after FUP (Mbps)
Bronze82900500 GB1
Silver2040001 TB3
Gold4060001 TB3
Platinum100120001 TB3

4G Wi-Fi

Safaricom 4G Wi-Fi is a product for customers who are not covered by Home Fibre. These are people who are far away from major urban centres where Home Fibre is available.

Considering Safaricom 4G coverage is at 97 percent or more in 2023, it makes sense why this product exists, but not many people are aware of it. All you need is 4G coverage.

The rest is easy: just buy a router (at 10K), and a Safaricom rep will connect you. Set up is easy because this is not fibre. Pricing starts from KES 3000 where you get 90 GB of data valid for 30 days.

4G PackagePrice (KES)Data Volume (GBs)Validity
Bronze 4G Wireless2,9999030 days
Silver 4G Wireless4,10012030 days
Gold 4G Wireless6,29920030 days
Diamond 4G Wireless12,49940030 days

Unlike Home Fibre that needs a fibre infrastructure, all you need here is a 4G connection to enjoy this product.

5G Wi-Fi

Safaricom 5G Wi-Fi is the same as 4G Wi-Fi, but uses 5G technology, meaning it is faster. However, in order to access it, make sure you are in a 5G-ready zone.

You will need a 5G router that goes for 25K. Plans start from KES 3500 with 300 GB of data at 10 Mbps, 40 Mbps with 500 GB of data at 6K, or 1000 Mbps with 1TB of data at KES 15K. Fair usage policy applies with throttled speeds at 1mbps for the cheapest connection and 3 Mbps for others.


PackagePrice in KESSpeed in MbpsFair usage volume in GB

Here is a list of places where 5G is currently available.

KajiadoOloitoktokOl Tukai
KakamegaSichiraiKakamega State Lodge
KiambuKiambu TownRiverview estate, Golden Palm, Silver Gardens
KiambuRuakaTwo Rivers Mall
KiambuRuiruJerusalem, Mugutha, Murera, Murera Matangi
KisiiKisii CBDKisii CBD, Kisii Bus terminus, Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital, Kisii University
KisumuKisumu CBDKiboswa, Maseno University, Lower Riat Estate, Kisumu Airport, Mamboleo Estate, Kisumu CBD, Kisumu Bus Station
MachakosKamuluKamulu Stage
MachakosAthi RiverBaraka Gardens Estate, Acacia Estate, Osoit Gardens Estate
MombasaLikoniMombasa Hospital, Fort Jesus
NairobiKilimaniYaya Centre Mall, Kiluwa Apartments, Silverstone Apartments, Yaya Apartments, Kasuku Court, Abi Allan Apartments, Mango Court Apartments
NairobiLangataUhuru Gardens
NairobiSouth CPark View Estate
NairobiWestlandsSafaricom HQ
ThikaJujaJuja South Estate, Murema Estate, Sunset Park, Oak Park Estate
More areas have been added to this list

Currently, Safaricom has  200 5G locations in 11 counties, including Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Kisii, Kakamega, Nakuru, Kiambu, Machakos, Kajiado, Vihiga, and Siaya. It also has 5G experience centres where customers can experience virtual reality gaming zones, showcases of smart capabilities for homes and enterprises, and speed-testing booths.

To note, Home 5G Wi-Fi is not targeting residential homes only because it is available for businesses as well. It makes sense because some business applications need robust speeds and infrastructure, and Home 5G promises that with speeds up to 100 Mbps.

The telco is also offering 5G mobile data packages so you might want to check them out. Here is a summary of the allocated units and their price:

PackagePrice in KESDataValidity
1000100015 GB30 Days
2000200035 GB30 Days
3000300065 GB30 Days
50005000100 GB30 Days
1000010000200 GB30 Days