Safaricom is ramping up its 5G rollout in Kenya and now its 5G network has arrived in Mirema.

Kenya’s leading network has been testing 5G since early 2020 and finally launched for the public in October last year and was available for over 200 towns in the country.

Mirema, a neighbourhood in Roysambu in Kasarani in Nairobi county is the latest zone now with Safaricom’s 5G. The 5G network covers all from Paris Lounge to Mirema Springs, apartments along Mirema Drive and extends to some parts of Zimmerman and Marurui.

Other parts that can access Safaricom’s 5G include apartments along Mirema Road which links Mirema Drive and Lumumba Drive.

Safaricom 5G Network Tower
Safaricom 5G Network Tower

This is the network tower next to Red Heights apartments that’s providing the 5G network and it’s impressive that it can be spotted along the places listed above. So if you live in surrounding apartments, you’ll definitely have a 5G network not only on your balcony but even in your bedroom. Speeds will range depending on your location as I was getting around 1.1Gbps and 780Mbps.

Safaricom 5G
Safaricom 5G

To access Safariom’s 5G in Mirema, you’ll need a 5G device and you can choose between a flagship 5G device or a more affordable 5G smartphone under 35K.

The telco recently rolled out dedicated 5G bundles which start from Ksh 1000 to take advantage of the fast network.

Safaricom 5G Bundles

They also have Home 5G Wi-Fi for customers that do not have access to Home Fibre but want to use the product anyway. Home 5G Wi-Fi uses Safaricom’s 5G network with the package starting at Ksh 3500.

Differences Between Safaricom Home Fibre, 4G Wi-Fi and 5G Wi-Fi

It’s worth noting that 4G was already dominant in other parts of the world when 5G launched – in Africa, 4G was still rolling out past major cities and most telcos in the continent are prioritizing expanding 4G services instead of getting on the 5G bandwagon.

5G adoption has been pretty excellent in Africa with 28 countries out of 54 that now have 5G with over half of them rolling out commercially and the rest in the trial phase.

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