Draft AI Act Passed By EU Parliament

EU passes Draft AI Act

We have witnessed the launch of ChatGPT, Google’s Magi and AI integration in many software’s. Hence, it is no surprise that regulators have followed with a Draft AI Act by the EU.

In the last two years, the European Union (EU) has been developing draft rules to set limits and guide the use of artificial intelligence. As a result of this, the European Parliament has just passed a draft law.

The draft law has been named the AI Act.

However, this is just the first step in a process that is expected to continue late into the year.

The draft rules cover a range of activities where AI is applied. Some of the mentioned aspects are the use of AI in bank lending. In Kenya, we have had a discussion with a local software developer who sees this as the future of AI in lending. Thus, it will be key to watch how this plays out.

Moreover, the draft rules cover hiring process, autonomous vehicles and school selections among many aspects of life.

Additionally, the regulations cover how artificial intelligence is used in law enforcement, court systems, and surveillance. The rules seek to balance use case while protecting fundamental rights.

Draft AI Act will Influence the Rest

As the pioneer draft regulation on AI, this process will be closely followed across the Globe.

Lawmakers from Beijing to Washington have been grappling with the explosion of artificial intelligence. For sure, it is likely to be the benchmark for similar regulations that will be discussed in different parliaments.

In April, China released draft rules on AI aligned with the countries strict censorship policy.

Recently, Kenyan Lawyer Mugambi Laibuta noted that policy makers in Africa cannot avoid the EU/US influence. Hence, Kenyan policymakers will also have a keen eye on this development.

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