WhatsApp Channels Launched, Video Messages Coming

WhatsApp Channels launched in two countries

Soon after introducing the long-awaited message editing, WhatsApp is working on Video messages. These are similar to audio messages where the sender records themselves. Obviously, the main difference is that the user will now send a visual message.

In contrast to other videos shared on WhatsApp, video messages cannot be forwarded. Users seeking to share a video message will have to take a screen recording while the video message is playing.

Currently, WhatsApp has begun rolling out its screen-sharing feature. However, this feature is currently availed to its beta users. Once one makes a call on WhatsApp, the screen sharing button will appear on the bottom.

Prior to the screen being shared the user will receive a warning message. The message is to remind the user that all their information is now visible to the other person on the call.

Users will then click on a start button and their screen will be shared. A stop sharing button will be visible to the user. One can click on the button anytime to end screen sharing.

We will keep you updated once the features are rolled out to all users.

WhatsApp Channels Launched in 2 Countries

Recently, WhatsApp announced a channels feature. Channels are extremely popular on Telegram. However, WhatsApp channels feature was introduced in Colombia and Singapore.

Globally, the app will roll out the feature gradually. Channels are accessible via a new tab called Updates. Here users will view status and channels they chose to follow.

WhatsApp aims to separate channels from normal chats with family, friends, and communities.

Additionally, admins will decide who can follow their channel and whether they want their channel to be discoverable in the directory or not. Lastly, anyone can create a WhatsApp Channel.

Channels will offer a more private way for users to send and receive broadcasts.