How to Pin Conversations on Google Messages App


Google is finally joining other messaging apps in increasing the number of pinned chats. It’s surprising that they have taken this long to update this feature.

Other chat apps – Signal, Telegram, WhatsApp and iMessage have had this feature for a while where you can pin up to five chats or more(Premium tier for Telegram). It is still welcome as most phones have the Google Messages app as the default messaging app.

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Pinning chats is important to help you keep up with multiple messages coming through and allows you to prioritize certain chats. This allows you to keep track of messages.

Google Messages app now lets you pin up to five conversations whether group or individual. The pinned chats will be appear at the top of the app.

How to Pin Conversations on Google Messages App

  1. Long press any of your most important chats and you’ll see a bubble pop-up and a pin icon will show up. Tapping on it pins that specific conversation.
  2. You can long-press multiple chats so they appear at the top of the app. The number of chats is limited to only five.
  3. If you are using Messages on the web, the pinned chats will also show up there as well.
  4. However, this feature is not available on the Messages web client.
Google Messages Pinned Feature

You can now pin more important conversations so that you see alerts or responses from them so you don’t miss them.

Google Messages Pinned Feature

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