Moringa School Announces Tech Advisory Board As It Intros New AI Courses

Moringa School Tech Advisory Board Members
Members of the newly formed Moringa School Tech Advisory Board

Moringa School has revealed its Tech Advisory Board today. The Board composed of key corporate decision makers in the region will benefit from technical expertise and experience in Moringa School’s mission of “transforming the tech talent in Africa”.

Moringa School is an EdTech company founded in April 2014 that is committed to closing the skills gap in Africa’s job market by providing transformative tech-based learning.

Snehar Shah, CEO of Moringa School will chair the newly formed board. The Chair announced the names of Akshay Grover, Group CEO (Cellulant), Ben Roberts, Group Chief Technology and Innovation Officer (Liquid Intelligent Technologies), Mike King, CTO (Copia) and Dr Bright Mawudor, Cyber Security lead at MARA to be distinguished members.

Snehar Shah commented, “Moringa School will immensely benefit from the guidance of these technology experts on the developing trends and skilling demand such that the company can be ahead of the curve in supplying quality, market aligned talent at affordable prices.”

In addition to revealing its Tech Advisory Board, Moringa School is launching new Artificial Intelligence (AI) courses.

Representing the Tech Advisory Board members, Akshay Grover added, “Given my and the board’s collective experience in building local and global tech or tech-led organizations, it is a great opportunity to give back to Moringa’s mission of transforming the tech talent in Africa. We look forward to the opportunity of Africa leapfrogging in the AI revolution.”

Launch of New Training Courses in Artificial Intelligence

Moringa School is embracing the Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution and has today launched a comprehensive suite of training courses in AI for the student and professional market. The new courses will join the company’s diverse range of offerings including Software Engineering, Data Science, DevOps, Cybersecurity, and UI/UX Product Design, among others.

The new courses launched are in partnership with US-based Flatiron School. Flatiron School is a leading boot camp provider founded in 2012 which is delivering this training to Global Fortune 500 companies. The newest AI offerings will retail from costs as low as KES 10,000, according to the CEO.

Moringa’s latest suite of AI courses training will feature:

  • A Masterclass on ‘Introduction to Prompt Engineering’.
  • 1.5 days training on ‘AI Strategy for Business Leaders’.
  • 1-week short course on “Building and Deploying AI Applications’.

The enrollment of the new AI offerings will commence from August 2023.

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