AMD Cautions Pc Gamers On Fake Starfield GPU Giveaway

Source: AMD

Bill Murphy, a Chief Executive of AMD, issued a warning on X (formerly twitter) warning Pc gamers on fake giveaways of their limited-edition starfield Graphics card.

Murphy singles out a specific giveaway on X, from ‘Indie Kings’ (a PC gaming community on Steam, apparently) noting that AMD does not believe this is one of its – or Bethesda’s – partners for the giveaway.

“Hey folks, be wary of fake giveaways for the custom starship GPU. Just a heads up that as of this moment, we do not believe this is a partner of AMD or Bethesda. Please be wary.” Wrote Bill Murphy.

The AMD limited-edition starfield Graphics card is a custom AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX GPU. It comes with a newly designed packaging inspired by the games sci-fi aesthetics.

It’s a product of the exclusive partnership between AMD and Starfield. With just 500 graphics card and Cpus being produced, they’ve become the one of the most sort after collector’s item. AMD has also partnered with influencers worldwide to give the CPUs and GPUs away on popular social media platforms.

The GPU and CPU are currently being auctioned on eBay and scammers are take advantage by advertising fake GPUs on the platform hence gamers are advised to take caution on any accounts claiming to have the extremely rare and coveted goods.

The highly awaited full version of starfield is coming out on September 6 after about 8 years development. The game will be available for Xbox series x/S and PC (via Microsoft store and Steam).

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