Forbidden Fruit: iPhone 15 Sells Out Despite Chinese Ban

chinese rush to buy iPhone 15

iPhone 15 listed on Chinese Tmall has already sold out. In fact, the new iPhone sold out within a minute of becoming available.

TMall (Taobao Mall) is Alibaba’s dedicated B2C platform. It is the most visited online retail platform in China and currently has over 40,000 merchants selling goods. Hence, it is the go-to platform for most Chinese phone buyers.

Reports indicate that the demand has been overwhelming for all models of the phone. In fact, retailers have to handle backorders that extend to a month and a half. Keep in mind it is barely a month since the product was unveiled.

While it is still early days, consumer enthusiasm may be driven by a desire to have the newest toy in town. However, the numbers are no different from iPhone sales in the Chinese market

iPhone Defiant of Chinese Ban

In a case of forbidden fruits taste sweetest, the phone has sold out despite a Chinese government ban. Recently, the Chinese government extended a ban on the use of iPhone models at work for state officials. The announcement resulted in Apple shares diving.

Additionally, there is a buzz in China and across the world due to the launch of the Huawei Mate 60 Pro. Admittedly, the buzz is warranted as it is the first Chinese phone to have a 5G chip that is manufactured in China.

Due, to these factors it was feared the sale of the iPhone may decline. China is one of Apple’s biggest markets accounting for about 19% of annual sales.

It has been a good year for Apple iPhones. An analysis of phone sales for this year shows Apple iPhone 14 pro max is the most sold phone in the world. Moreover, four other iPhone models make the top ten.

With the start the new model has had, it appears the year will end well for Apple.