Apple’s Certified Refurbished Products: What You Need to Know

Apple certified refurbished iPhone

Such is the steep price of Apple products that a flourishing second-hand and refurbished products market is blooming. For instance, iPhones account for around 82% of the second-hand device market. This is according to research firm -International Data Corporation (IDC)

Furthermore, IDC expects the second-hand market to grow and reach 413 million smartphones in 2026.

However, a second-hand product is not necessarily a refurbished product. This is especially true for Apple products.

What is a Refurbished Apple Product?

Apple usually receives products that have defects from their customer. When customers discover a fault, they take the item back to the company.

Further, Apple has a recycling program. Via this program, customers return products that are in working condition. This happens when customers have no further use for the device.

It is these products that are entered into the Apple refurbishment cycle. But, the company doesn’t simply put them back on sale if they are working.

First, the company embarks on the replacement of parts (as needed). This is especially the case for faulty devices but some working devices too.

Secondly, the devices are cleaned and inspected by the company. In addition, every refurbished iOS device gets a new battery and a new outer shell.

Once done, an Apple certified refurbished product undergoes a process that includes full functional testing.

Ultimately, these steps make a huge difference between a second-hand Apple product and a refurbished product.

Sale of Apple Refurbished Products

Apple sells Mac, iPad, iPhone, Watch, Apple TV, and all these are available after the refurbishment process. A device that has undergone the refurbishment process will come with all accessories, cables and operating systems.

Additionally, all Apple certified refurbished products are packaged in a brand-new white box.

The company believes so much in their process that these devices come with a standard one-year limited warranty. A buyer even has the option of getting additional coverage by purchasing AppleCare products.

These devices are not sold at the official Apple Stores. However, you can buy any refurbished product through Apple’s online store. This can then be shipped to you.

Take note, there are authorised dealers, but due diligence is upon you.