The Best Round-Up Apps


Round-up apps are automatic saving tools that allow users to round up their card transactions to the nearest dollar. Basically, round-up apps are digital equivalents of the old-school coin jars with additional perks that allow you to save and invest your money automatically. In this brief guide, we will look closer at the most popular options on the market and determine which may suit you best. Let’s check the perks and cons of some popular apps.

How Do Round-Up Apps Work?

The idea that makes round-ups so effective is pretty straightforward. Here is an example: you buy breakfast for $9.75 and pay with your credit card while the app rounds up the sum to $10.00. The app transfers your change, 25 cents, to your savings or investing account, which brings you closer to your savings goal. Of course, you won’t meet your financial goal overnight, but round-ups are digital coin jars that are both simple and effective. If you find yourself unable to reach your objectives yet need quick cash, consider the online loans app, a digital tool for browsing your optimal lender.

Round-Up Apps

So, here are some of the most popular options in the market. Choose the one that suits you best.

1. Acorns

Perhaps it is one of the most popular round-ups on the market. Acorns not only automates your savings but also invests your change into a diversified portfolio (exchange-traded funds). There are a lot of perks that Acorns’ users enjoy, ranging from investment accounts for kids and diversified investing portfolios to tax advantages and the power of compounding. Acorns allows you to invest without extensive research and hours of reading financial literacy resources. If you are interested in learning the financial terminology, check Acorns’ financial literacy section. It has numerous concise articles on compounding, dividends, growth investing, and other helpful topics.

2. Qapital

Qapital is an effective tool that allows you to round up your change and automate your savings. One of the best features of Qapital is that it allows users to set up rules, like the “spend less” or “guilty pleasure” rule. For instance, the guilty pleasure rule helps you save on your morning coffee by transferring money into a savings account every time you buy a snack. From saving and budgeting to managing debt and investing, Qapital is a powerful app that will facilitate saving and make you one step closer to reaching your financial goals.

3. Chime

With up to 15 million customers, Chimes is another popular app that combines banking services with round-ups. Although Chime is not technically a bank, it offers many online banking services, like opening your spending and savings accounts. The tool also works like a typical round-up app that allows you to round up your transactions to the nearest dollar.

Round-up apps are digital coin jars that are effective and popular methods of rounding up your change to the nearest dollar, budgeting, and investing your money. By choosing a suitable round-up tool, you will automate your savings, cultivate more conscious monetary habits, and start moving towards meeting your financial goals.