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Telco 3G/4G Coverage One of the Winners in Concluded Kenya Polls

Kenya had peaceful polls in 2022, after which William Ruto was declared the President. The elections were also backed by a ton of technology...

Kenya Counties Yet to Fully Submit Form 34B to IEBC Portal

We have since detailed how Kenyans, among other people, can access and download forms 34A, and 34B from the IEBC website. These forms are...

How to Access Presidential Results on IEBC Portal

While poll results for some county assemblies, constituencies, and others have been revealed, the presidential numbers are still rolling after the conclusion of the...
Ezra Chiloba, Director-General, Communication Authority of Kenya

How the Communications Authority Has Prepared Telcos for Elections Results Transmission

The long-awaited General Elections are here (to be conducted tomorrow August 9, which is in line with the Kenya Constitution that says GE must...

This Nifty Web Tool Helps You Find Out Who You Can Vote For

Kenyans will be voting for their next leaders a week from today. The exercise, which is conducted after every five years, will see more than...

IEBC Condemns the Arrest of Smartmatic BV Employees Meant to Manage KIEMs System

The IEBC has condemned the arrest of three Venezuelan nationals at JKIA. According to the Commission, the three arrived in Kenya to execute a...
Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook Learns From Cambridge Analytica Scandal, Intros Measures to Combat Misinformation Ahead of Kenya Polls

Meta-owned Facebook does not have a good track record as far as managing misinformation, hate speech and other social media vices is concerned. The...

KHRC Sues IEBC for Abolishing Manual Voter Registers

The 2022 polls are fast approaching, and the IEBC is making all the moves to ensure that the elections will be carried out successfully,...

IEBC Yet To Determine Mobile Network Operator For Results Transmission

As we have come to learn, the August polls are gaining more momentum in terms of campaigns, and assurances that aspirants want the electoral...

Poll Results Transmission To Be Done Via Satellite In Areas Without 3G/4G Coverage

The elections are incoming, and Kenyans will have a chance to vote for leaders who will serve them for the next half a decade. During...

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