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apple will allow ads push notifications

Apple Will Allow Apps to Push Ads on Notifications

We are constantly bombarded by notifications daily and from different apps. The notifications range from your normal Twitter mentions to Facebook bothering you to...

Facebook Has Apparently Shelved its Plans to Show Ads in WhatsApp

Facebook has made strides to monetize its assets in a bid to recoup its investments. WhatsApp by far was their biggest expenditure where they...
whatsapp getting ads

WhatsApp Exec Confirms Ads Are Coming on the Platform

WhatsApp was arguably the last remaining major platform that Facebook hadn't monetized fully yet. Judging from its huge purchase years back, we knew it...

How to Block Ads with Google Chrome’s Inbuilt Ad Blocker

When it comes to the user experience on the web, things can turn out pretty ugly and a simple task such as downloading a...

Facebook bans ‘Deceptive’ Ads Related to Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is all the rage now where we have seen people put in their life savings into buying the likes of BitCoin, Litecoin or...

Five Rogue Android Apps You Should Totally Avoid

Android users are a disadvantaged lot, as much as it pains me to admit it. Unlike iOS, Android's open source nature has allowed smartphone...

You Will Be Seeing A New Form Of Ad On Instagram Soon

Get ready to see ads on Instagram Stories in the near future.

Analysts Predict Snapchat Will Rake In A Lot Of Money Next Year From Ads

Snapchat will rake in a lot of money in 2017 as reported by analysts

Facebook is testing Commercial Breaks on Live Video Broadcasts

Facebook has been scaling its Live Video platform for a while now and it has allowed Pages and ordinary users alike to share live...

You Will Soon Be Making Money From Your Tumblr Blog

We have seen platforms that partner with its users where they share ad revenue like YouTube and a less known site called Tsu. It...

This Patent Suggests Snapchat Will Use Objects in Your Snaps to Serve You Ads

Snapchat's end goal is to monetize fully as it has scaled up to a respectable size which is apparently bigger than Twitter. This next...

Snapchat Will Now Slot in Ads When You’re Watching Your Friends’ Stories

It has finally happened. Ads are coming on Snapchat and you would probably not miss them

YouTube’s new Bumper ads will be as short as Vines

YouTube is arguably the biggest online video repository and it is staggering to think about the amount of content that is contained in its...

Facebook is allegedly planning to put ads in Messenger

Facebook Messenger has grown in its 5 or so years in its existence from its integration in Facebook Chat to a standalone app that...

VIP users on Twitter are now seeing ads on their timeline

As you know, ads are an important aspect of any social network since they need the money to maintain the site and pay their...
Twitter first view

Expect an avalanche of ads on your timeline soon thanks to Twitter’s First View

Just like any other modern social network, advertisements are the main source of revenue for Twitter. In Twitter's case for example, they have sponsored...
Twitter icon

Twitter is reportedly not showing ads to prominent users

Most social networks rely on displaying ads for generating revenue and it forms a huge chunk of their cash flow. They usually move from...

Safaricom is 15 today and here are some of their iconic ads

Safaricom has progressed from being a subsidiary of Telkom back in 1997 to become the telecommunications magnate that it is today. The company has...