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Phares Kariuki Ceo Node Africa

How Node Africa Co-founders are Rising From the Ashes of Angani Lawsuits

Last year, we sat down for an extensive interview with Phares Kaboro, who was then the CEO of cloud startup Angani. In the interview,...
elders meeting

Join the Stakeholder Discussion to Iron out What Ails Kenya Tech Ecosystem

Kenya's tech space has recently had a hit with the Angani kerfuffle that requires a real conversation among the people who mean well for...

How to build Cloud Services Business in Africa; Interview with Angani’s Phares

The mention of cloud computing to a normal user invokes thoughts of a futuristic 21st century solution that is complex and difficult to decipher....

Kenyan Cloud Start Up Angani Creates Solution targeting New TV Players

In 2006, during the Regional Radio communication Conference, ITU member states set a deadline for digital migration for June 17th 2015. On this day,...