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Die with me

This Chatroom App Is Only Accessible When Your Phone Has Less than 5% Charge

Your phone could be dying but there is an app that can connect you with other dying phones

Twitter Has Added Tabs On The Windows 10 App

Twitter has added tabs to the Windows 10 app

Uber Announces Redesigned Mobile Apps That Feature Machine Learning And More

Uber has announced a redesigned user interface for its mobile apps which include several new features.

Apple Is Apparently Working On a Snapchat-like App

  Apple is both a software and hardware company and it is one of the few tech companies that are known to provide both in...

You can access your Instagram account from your Facebook app

Facebook has grown over the last 1 decade in terms of the number of active users, how the platform functions and the acquisition of...

Facebook is reportedly developing a stand alone camera app

In the beginning, Facebook was way simpler than it is right now where it was focused in making sure that people generate content and...