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Apple Wallet PayPal and Venmo integration

PayPal and Venmo Cards Now Integrate with Apple Wallet

From today, PayPal and Venmo clients can integrate their cards with Apple Wallet. The integration is for both Credit and Debit cards. This makes...

Pesapal Brings Apple Pay, Google Pay to Their Sabi POS Terminal

Payments firm Pesapal has integrated Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, FitBit Pay, and Google Pay remittances on its new tap-and-go contactless Sabi M010 terminals. This...

Apple Pay’s Peer-to-Peer Payments Will Make You Wish You Had an iPhone

On the first day of Apple's developer conference this year, there were a lot of products ranging from software to hardware announced but one...
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Chinese Device Makers May Gang Up to Take on Apple Pay and Samsung Pay

Mobile payments are going to be a big thing if they are not already. Apple Pay just became available in Apple's biggest market, China, this...

LG’s Plan to Make You Stop Carrying Around Multiple Payment Cards is Using Another Card

LG has for a while now been rumoured to be working on its own mobile payments service to rival Samsung Pay, Apple Pay and...
Apple pay

Apple Launches Mobile Payments Service, Apple Pay In The UK

Last September, Apple introduced Apple Pay and partnered with a number of merchants and stores to roll out the service. Apple Pay has been...

Google’s take on the mobile payments race is Android Pay

Apple Pay is still fresh. Samsung Pay is even fresher having been unveiled just a day ago. Google has a response to both: Android...

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