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Global internet shutdowns stats

Internet Restrictions In Africa Motivated by Politics, Asia Experiences the Most

2024 has begun with the Senegalese and Sudanese governments shutting down the internet in parts of their countries. This bad practice is unfortunately just...
Facebook Instant Articles

Facebook Instant Articles have been rolled out in Asia

Facebook Instant Articles as you may know right now is the proprietary platform by the social networking giant where they partner with publishers so...

Want To Take Your Startup Global? Nest Will Help You Take Over Asia

In my opinion, the startup culture in Kenya has seen a significant growth over the past 10 or so years, owing partly of course...
Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Age of Giants: Rise of the phablets

Phablets- a term virtually unknown till 2011 is now a rage amongst the consumers and tech companies alike. All the major manufacturers have one...

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