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Blackberry messenger discontinued

BlackBerry Messenger is Shutting Down For Good Today Due to Lack of Users

Blackberry Messenger (BBM), the once popular messaging platform that would find only in Blackberries is shutting down today. The platform was taken over by Emtek,...

BBM’s Video Calling Feature Goes Live in Africa for Android and iOS Users

BlackBerry announced in late April that it would be rolling out BBM's video calling feature to users on Android and iOS. Since then, the...

BlackBerry Stops Charging Users for Premium BBM Features

The thing about BlackBerry and one of its core services, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), is that like its devices, its usage is on the decline....

BBM for Windows Phone enters public beta, available to everyone now

Blackberry Messenger is now in the phase that Instagram was for a long while, public beta. This is where it is available to all...

BBM no longer has a waiting line

Good news everyone: Blackberry has finally announced that there's no longer a waiting line. That dreadful virtual queue that made everyone have to wait...
BBM Android

Blackberry invites BETA testers for BBM on Android

Blackberry announced earlier that BBM will be going beyond the black fruity OS and into Android and iOS. Blackberry messenger for other platforms is almost...
BlackBerry Messenger Android

BBM finally heads out to Android and iOS

From some time this June-July you will no-longer associate the logo below with Blackberry only, it will be open to two more OSes. Android...