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Cashless PSV matatu payment system

Directline Assurance Mandates PSVs to Adopt Cashless Payments

An Auto insurance company in Kenya is making it mandatory for all Public Service Vehicles (PSV) seeking it's Auto insurance policy to go cashless....
mySafaricom App

New! MySafaricom Update Hides Shame at the Till

A new update to the MySafaricom app sees the telco hide its users from the shame of having to use Fuliza. Fuliza an overdraft...
Airtel Uganda Open API

Airtel Uganda launches Payments Open API

Airtel Uganda today convened with Key industry stakeholders to launch an Open Application Programming Interface (API) for their payments products. The initiative is Airtel's...
public transport

What is the Next Normal for Africa’s Public Transport Sector

In most parts of Africa, public transport remains poorly organized. Massive rural to urban migration has exacerbated what is considered in most countries as...
credit card payment systems ecommerce solutions

Your Guide to Cashless Payments in Singapore

When PM Lee Hsien Loong made his speech during the National Rally Day last year, he touched on the need to switch to cashless...

Cashless Payment Systems In Kenya and Their Curse of Failure (Part 2)

This article has been continued from part one here. Last week, we looked at some of the reasons why Cashless Payment Systems in Kenya are...
credit card payment systems ecommerce solutions

Cashless Payment Systems In Kenya and Their Curse of Failure (Part 1)

Just the other day, the government of Kenya launched the Huduma Card, a smart card that will allow Kenyans to pay for and access...
Mary Mwangi

Resilience and Determination: How Mary Mwangi’s Hardware Startup MobiTill Plays Where Big Boys Struggle

Kenyan Woman Entrepreneur speaks on the hurdles her Startup MobiTill has been through to hack integrated mobile payments for enterprise in Kenya.

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