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Microsoft identifies 13 Resellers who pirate Windows in China

Microsoft is threatening to take legal action in China against 13 PC resellers who Microsoft has identified as pirating Windows OS copies. These 13...

Safaricom Shops stock up in preparation for Couterfeits switch-off deadline

Kenya's leading integrated communications services provider Safaricom has launched various campaigns aimed at ensuring subscribers with the so called counterfeit phones purchase original devices at...
Mobile phone comparison

List of most searched mobile phones of September

This is not Synovate or any other research data. These are the search terms that came in at Techweez over the month. It's not...
Nzioka Waita Safaricom

Safaricom’s Nzioka Waita’s comments regarding user questions on Counterfeits

Based on questions going on about the internet and offline, I sought to iron out some misinformation that mobile phone users may be having...
Samsung genuine phones

Samsung chips in an offer to replace counterfeits with genuines at reduced prices

CCK is set to switch off over 3 million counterfeight handsets in Kenya in a push to get users to use genuine and safe...
Mi-Fone Mi-3000

Mi-Fone: We are genuine, let the CCK Counterfeits switch off go on

September 30th is nearing, and Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) has a directive that all counterfeit devices running on Kenya's networks be switched off. Many...

Nokia advocates for robust, industry-wide anti-counterfeit rules

Kenya’s economy could be losing up to Shs 3.2 billion in taxes through influx of illegally-imported counterfeit mobile phones, denying the country significant economic...